Our mission

              Information systems are the maps that guide the heart and soul of a business.  They keep us informed and keep us in profit.  The vital role technology infrastructures play in organizations can never be overstated.  System downtime translates into lost opportunity, and that is something no business chooses to endure.

         For almost half a century Organizations have acknowledged that this technological fundamental building block of success needs management.  This understanding birthed the Department of Information Technology.  IT departments have historically served many vital roles.  They work to protect the Integrity, Reliability, and Confidentiality of Information Systems. In this way the IT department’s goal has always aligned with the organizational goal.

              Small and medium businesses do not always have the budget to staff a full time IT department. Many savvy businesses owners have tried to mitigate this by contracting Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) to help with Infrastructure headaches but find themselves trapped in the endless sales cycle. Although an MSP’s goal is to manage a customer’s information system, they generate additional revenue by upselling hardware, software and everything in between.

              IT Matters changes this model.  We believe that organizationally aligned IT should not be reserved for enterprises with a full-on IT Department.  We want to provide the enterprise class IT experience, advice, and management to our customers.  We promise to always structure our organization to service, not sell, our customers and help them succeed. IT Matters when your IT matters to you.